Frequently Asked Questions

What do GSR’s do?

The General Service Representative is an A.A. member selected by the group to voice the group’s opinion in discussion at the District and Area level.  The GSR participates in the election of the District’s DCM and also elects the Area Delegate and officers of the Assembly.

What meetings are mandatory for GSR’s?

GSR’s are required to go to their district meetings and the Area Assembly meetings.  District meetings are held every month.  Area Assemblies occur 5 times a year, about every 2 months.

What does GSO mean?

General Service Office in New York is often referred to as our “A.A. Headquarters”.

What is an Area?

A geographical division within a state or province; there are seven areas in the state of California.  Area 08 includes San Diego and Imperial counties;  each area is represented by an Area Delegate at the Conference in New York.

What is an Area Assembly?

A periodic meeting of GSRs, DCMs,  Chairpersons of Standing Committees, Area Officers, Delegate and alternates to facilitate and conduct A.A. service work and business affairs.  The Area Assembly is the mainspring of the General Service Structure, the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself (A.A. Service Manual p S36).  The Area Assembly is the primary service meeting of the Area and conducts or helps coordinate A.A. services and the business for the Area.

What is a delegate?

An A.A. member of the Assembly who is elected every other year to represent the Area at the annual General Service Conference in New York.  Area08 elects its’ Delegates at the Fall Assembly meeting of the “even” year.  The Delegate is responsible for reporting back to the Area on the Conference.

What is a District?

A geographical division within an Area.  A District can also be defined as linguistic.  In Area 08 we have 21 geographic districts, and 2 Spanish speaking, or linguistic, districts.   A General Service Representative (GSR) represents groups within the district.

What is a DCM?

The District Committee Member is an experienced GSR, elected by the GSRs of the District, to represent the groups of the District at Area committee meetings and Area Assemblies.  The DCM coordinates service activities in the District.  The DCM votes in the election of the Area Delegate and officers.